Not comfortable with in-person lessons  yet? No Problem!

We are happy to continue to offer lessons online for those who wish to take lessons from the comfort of their own home.​ This is also a great option for those who want the benefit of lessons with our teachers but are from out of town and cannot make it to our physical location.

Same Great Instruction
  • We come to you online using Zoom lesson rooms!

  • You still get One-on-One individual attention with our amazing teachers!

  • You can remain in the comfort of your own home!

  • We are still teaching ALL Your favourite instruments: Guitar – Piano – Singing – Strings – Drums – Bass – Ukulele and more!


An Added Bonus!

As such, the student’s experience within Tonara is just as important to us as the teachers’ experience. Finding the motivation to sit down and practice music can be tedious and tiresome at times for kids, that’s why we’ve worked hard to create features and benefits for students that makes practicing more engaging, interactive and also fun.

With features that interact and engage with students, give students real-time feedback, and a level of gamification students are excited for their practice sessions. Overall, Tonara teachers report an increase of over 68% in average practice time since they have started using Tonara.

For students, Tonara has a studio & global leaderboard that allows students to always check their standings, and the more they practice the more points they earn. We truly believe in making practice engaging and interactive. We believe in trying to help them see the homework assignments not as something boring which they need to do but rather a fun, interactive activity that they look forward to each day.

As students continue to practice with Tonara, they are able to see their own growth and progression with statistics and all the fun rewards that they receive as they practice more and complete more assignments. Below is an info-card to help you get set up: