Our focus is to develop a unique and exciting musical learning environment for students of all ages ranging from beginner to advanced playing levels. We aim to provide musical education unlike any other by offering new and innovative curriculums tailored to the personal learning approaches, rates and preferences of our students. We take pride in encouraging students to reach their specific music goals, challenging them, and contributing to their future confidence.


Our goal at the Academy is to give students the highest quality of teaching. Students of the Academy will have the opportunity to explore many genres of music in addition to classical repertoire. There will be performance opportunities in the form of master classes, recitals, festivals, and RCM examinations.
Come begin your musical journey with us in a fun and affordable atmosphere. 

Mission & Values
  • Instilling a lifelong appreciation for music: Music education should foster independent and creative musicians, equipped for life long engagement with music and music making.

  • Providing quality music instruction: Excellence in teaching begins with strong relationships between teachers, students, and families and is further nurtured by collaboration among colleagues. Music education should be taught by professionally trained music educators with proficient knowledge and skills in the areas of music performance, pedagogy, and musicianship. 

  • Inspiring a safe environment for creativity: Learning to play music should be enjoyed through social lesson settings and friendly approachable teachers.

Philosophy of Teaching
  • Students experience firsthand that music is a creative art as well as an interpretive art. They learn not only how to express themselves through artistic performances of various styles of music, but they also learn how to make their own music through improvisation and composition.  

  • Students receive a comprehensive musical education through theory/aural training, music history lessons, and performing for peers during recitals and masterclasses. These skills are all important for developing well-rounded, knowledgable musicians.

  • The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. ​​