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An Immersive Experience that gives students more time to learn an instrument and have fun!



  • Deluxe Music Lessons take "Private Lessons" to the next level. After years of offering the standard half hour private lessons to beginner/intermediate students, we have found that many of our private lesson students miss out and lack consistent musical development in the areas of theory (notation, music writing etc) and ear training. With 2/3rds of the half hour spent on repertoire, the remaining time left in the half hour does not allow for adequate skill development in these areas

  • The lesson is divided into three-20 minute sessions: 

    • 20 Minutes of Private Instruction​

    • 20 Minutes of Theory Games and Worksheets

    • 20 Minutes of Keyboard Lab

  • The three students rotate between the stations every 20 minutes and it’s a blast!

  • Deluxe Lessons are not meant for everyone. We suggest these lessons for ages 6-12, or for the beginner/early intermediate player.

    • Younger than 6? We suggest the MYC Music for Young Children Program

    • Seasoned player? We definitely suggest private lessons


Benefits for Students

Deluxe Lessons can provide opportunities to students that traditional lessons don’t, such as:

Dedicated Practice Time

  • Knowing that the students have a guaranteed 20 minutes for focused practice is wonderful! Even if the rest of their practice time in the week is limited, we know they’ll still make progress.

Connecting with Other Students

  • Friendships developing between students. Deluxe Lessons are a great way to add a social element to music lessons (which tends to be somewhat solitary).

More Time

  • It’s so hard trying to fit everything into a 30 minute lesson, so having double the time for each student really helps. During Deluxe Lessons students have the chance to work on creative projects (like composing or creating games), review theory and technique covered during individual lesson time (using apps and videos), explore special topics (like music history and composers), and work on important skills like sight reading and ear training.

Best Part?

  • Deluxe Lessons DO NOT COST MORE. Yes, you heard it. Deluxe Lessons cost the same as regular 30-minute private lessons. Same Price, double the class time, better value. 

  • Space is limited for these lessons, so contact us today to secure your slot!


  • Currently, Chatham Music Academy offers Deluxe Lessons for the following areas:

    • Piano (Fall 2019)​

    • Voice (Fall 2019)

    • Stay tuned for new additions!

  • For a complete listing of teachers at the Academy, click here.

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