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Songwriting 101 - Junior Edition
Instructor: Courtney Wells

Zoom Classes:  Monday's 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Ages: 5-8

Cost: $100.00

Learn the fundamentals of singing and song writing through creative play, rhyming,  and timing. Discover the young Artist within with the introduction of a variety of music genres integrating a thoughtful observation process and a fun collaboration through music and movement. 

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Songwriting 101
Instructor: Courtney Wells

Zoom Classes:  Monday's 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Ages: 9-13

Cost: $100.00

Discover the Artist within by being challenged weekly to produce original works. Enjoy a weekly exposure to an element to song writing and reinforcing the elements taught through song writing and presentation. 

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Summer Vocal Intensive
Guest Instructor: Aimee Clifford

Duration:  6-Weeks

Ages: 10+

Cost: $450.00 ($75.00/week)

Prerequisite skills

Some vocal training is preferred but not necessary. Ideally, participants are comfortable reading sheet music (single melodic line) or are developing their note-reading skills- this can be incorporated into both lessons and tech classes. Basic piano or guitar skills (e.g., can play their melody while practising) are excellent but not required- a basic vocal guide track (melody only, no accompaniment) can be provided upon request. 



Tuesday (tech/lesson), Thursday (tech/lesson, morning hours only 9:30-11:30 am), Friday (tech lessons only)



90 minutes private instruction weekly, broken down into the following:

  • Two 30 minute private voice lessons 

  • Two 15 minute “technique” lessons (one for aural skill building and one  for sight reading/score reading development)


Bi-Weekly Masterclass

Bi-weekly 60 minute masterclass over Zoom with other participants in the program



By participating in this virtual vocal intensive program, participants will explore a minimum of three new pieces of music, exploring different musical styles, composers, historical periods, and language(s). The participant and instructor will discuss and form a list of repertoire together- some pieces will be assigned, while other pieces will be mutually selected. More advanced participants may wish to work on one piece each week, while some may prefer to spend more time per piece. Attendance and participation in virtual masterclass will allow developing singers to listen to different voice types and repertoire they may not have known about previously, receive coaching and be connected to extra resources to assist on their musical journey.

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Composing 101
Instructor: Gabby Martin

Zoom Classes:  Monday's 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Ages: 9-14

Cost: $100.00

Join Gabby Martin for a fun four weeks of learning about composition and how to approach instrumental writing. In this class students will learn how to apply concepts they already know, as well as learn new ones in order to write their own piece for an instrument of their choice. 


The goal with these classes is to broaden musical skills beyond just playing, but to open the door to looking at music in a new creative light. Students will be encouraged to share their work along the way and give feedback to their peers.


Classes will be one hour long and open to kids ages 9 and up.

RCM History Pt1.png
RCM Music History:  Part 1
Instructor: Devon Hansen

Zoom Classes:  Tuesdays/Thursdays 3:30-5:00  

Pre-requisites: Must be in at least RCM Piano Grade  7

Cost: $200.00 plus the textbook

Set out on a musical journey from the beginning of western notation to its classical peak and beyond. Explore the music and musicians from four historical eras: Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern. From Vivaldi to John Williams, you will learn the musical style and features of over fifteen compositions and composers, increasing your knowledge of the music from each era.

This course will prepare you for either the written RCM Level 9 History exam or the online one.

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